1874 Grand Union (Principia Moderni III Map Game) 1890
Grand Union General Election, 1880
All 1000 seats to the General Assembly
April 3, 1864 (1864-04-03)
First party Second party Third party
GeorgiLvo--fallofromanoffsh00londrich Flag of Lithuania (state) Nicolas II Russia suit
Leader Boris Sviatoslavovich Bryakin Albert Grigoreit Aliksandr Aavik
Party United Liberals National Conservatives New Socialists
Leader since January 4 1863 18 March 1869 14 September 1858
Leader's seat Novoprussiysk-na-zalive Neris-Nemuas Tartu Center
Last election 375 304 74
Seats before 373 306 75
Seats won 368 284 81
Seat change -5 -22 +6
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Flag of Latvia Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Guchkov
Leader Karl Lindberg Franak Yermachenko Rekard Joglia
Party Industrialists Agrarians Christian Social Union
Leader since 9 April 1833 17 April 1868 4 October 1878
Leader's seat Riga Port Valerka Vilnus North
Last election 49 32 Pre-Formation
Seats before 46 31 3
Seats won 38 37 35
Seat change -8 +6 +32
The General Assembly immediately after the Election
  United Liberal Party: 368 seats
  Workers' and Farmers' New Socialist Party: 81 seats
  Grand Union Agrarian Party: 37 seats
  No Affiliation: 110 seats
  Communist Party of the Grand Union: four seats
  Latvian National Democratic Coalition: nine seats
  Lithuanian Nationalist Union: 34 seats
  Christian Social Union: 35 seats
  Industrialists: 38 seats
  National Conservative Party: 284 seats

Previous First Senator
Boris Sviatoslavovich Bryakin
United Liberals

First Senator-elect
Boris Sviatoslavovich Bryakin
United Liberals

After the secularization of the school system in 1877, when the "public" school system, the one financed and supported by government subsidies, prohibited church involvement in education, while allowing non-financed church-run schools, the religious in the nation went into uproar, fearing that the anti-clericalists have won. The Liberal-Socialist-Agrarian government was seen as a figurehead for anti-clericalist forces. At this point the formerly proud Nationalist Faction has disintegrated, and its former "leader", Rikard Joglia begins to gather support for a "Christian" party. After a year of planning, and gaining members, the Christian Social Union, a "right-wing" organization, is formed as an alternative to the National Conservative Party for those who want to oppose the government, and feel that the conservatives have lost their way (many abstained in the vote that secularized the school system). His party won 35 seats in the election, and afterward, the Nationalist faction was no more.

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