1864 Grand Union (Principia Moderni III Map Game) 1874
Grand Union General Election, 1868
All 1000 seats to the General Assembly
April 3, 1864 (1864-04-03)
First party Second party Third party
Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast) Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast) Flag of Estonia proposed in 1919
Leader Boris Sviatoslavovich Bryakin Feodor Timofeevich Prokazov Kaarel Uluots
Party United Liberals National Conservatives New Socialists
Leader since January 4 1863 7 September 1868 14 September 1858
Leader's seat Novoprussiysk-na-zalive West Ostrov Tartu Center
Last election 281 397 73
Seats before 284 394 73
Seats won 356 319 77
Seat change +72 -75 +4
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Flag of Latvia Flag of Lithuania (state) Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995)
Leader Karl Lindberg Lithuanian Guy Franak Yermachenko
Party Industrialists Lietuvos Sąjunga Agrarians
Leader since 9 April 1833f 6 November 1863 17 April 1868
Leader's seat Riga Port Siauliai Valerka
Last election 48 32 26
Seats before 47 32 26
Seats won 48 30 8
Seat change +1 -2 +2
The General Assembly immediately after the Election
  United Liberal Party: 356 seats
  Workers' and Farmers' New Socialist Party: 77 seats
  Agrarian Party: 28 seats
  No Affiliation: 125 seats
  Nationalists: 5 seats
  Latvian Democratic National Coalition: 12 seats
  Lithuanian Nationalist Union: 30 seats
  Industrialists: 48 seats
  National Conservative Party: 319 seats

Previous First Senator
Feodor Timofeevich Prokazov
National Conservatives

First Senator-elect
Boris Sviatoslavovich Bryakin
United Liberals

The Supreme Prince was once again forced to call an election after a vote of no-confidence defeating the Conservative minority government. The Results were startling. A new charismatic leader stepped up to the plate for the Liberal Party, and Boris Bryakin and his campaigning managed to upseat the NCP in over 70 constituencies, earning them more deputees than the conservatives since the Party's foundation. The Result of this was the United Liberal Party forming the first non-Conservative government in 20 years, entering into a coalition government with the W.F. New Socialist Party and the newly-formed Agrarian Party(having promised the Agrarian Leader, Franak Yermachenko the position of Minister of Agriculture of course).

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