1843 Grand Union (Principia Moderni III Map Game) 1855
Grand Union General Election, 1849
All 500 seats to the General Assembly
June 7, 1849 (1849-06-07)
Turnout 61.4%
First party Second party Third party
Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast) Flag of Latvia Flag of Estonia proposed in 1919
Leader Vladimir Illych Rasputin Karl Lindberg Cedrik Gottfried
Party National Conservatives Industrialists Unionists
Leader since June 29, 1848 9 April 1842 3 October 1836
Leader's seat West Ostrov Riga Port Central Taalin (lost)
Last election Before Formation 47 173
Seats before 71 47 173
Seats won 293 61 45
Seat change +222 +14 -128
Fourth party Fifth party
Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Flag of Lithuania (state)
Leader Nikula Grigorich Kostitsin Wladislaw Godin
Party Agrarians Nationalists
Leader since 16 July 1839 9 August 1842
Leader's seat Valerka Vilnus North
Last election 90 94
Seats before 90 94
Seats won 36 4
Seat change -54 -90
The General Assembly immediately after the Election
  National Conservative Party: 293 seats
  Industrialists: 61 seats
  Unionists: 45 seats
  Agrarians: 36 seats
  Nationalists: 5 seats
  No Affiliation: 60 seats

Previous First Senator
Cedrik Gottfried

First Senator-elect
Vladimir Illych Rasputin
National Conservatives

The Grand Union Election of 1849 took place in June, and one of the major issues was the conservative protests that happened the year prior. This Election saw the rise of the first true political party in the Union: the National Conservatives, a combined effort of certain members of the Nationalist and Agrarian Factions, as well as some non-affiliated deputees. The Aftermath would see to the rise of many more political parties, and most importantly the United Liberal Party.

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