The Grand Triumverate was an alliance formed in 1863 between the United States of America, Prussia (later the German Empire), and the Russian Empire. The alliance was formed at the height of the Great War and its purpose was to make sure neither country left the war and abandoned its allies once each country achieved its own goals. While these three weren't the only ones on this side they were the only three to remain allied after the war's end. After the war the alliance's purpose was to help preserve and protect each nation's interests. For much of the later half of the 19th century the alliance was the dominant political force on the international stage. The alliance would serve as the basis for its rival The League of Great Powers.

Terms of the Alliance

Article 1

  • Each nation will recognize each respective nation's interests in their respective regions and hemispheres.

Article 2

  • In the event of war each nation shall declare neutrality should the warring nation be at war with only one country. However, should one nation in this alliance be at war with more than one, the other shall join the war on the side of the warring nation.

Article 3

  • No nation signing this treaty shall sign any separate agreements that comes into controdiction with this agreement.

Article 4

  • This alliance is subject to renewal every 20 years.

Article 5

  • If more than one nation is at war with the same nation no separate peaces will be formed unless beneficial to all members of the alliance.


Each nation had their own respective interests and purposes for the treaty. For the United States it was at first a way to get allies on their side in the Great War to counter-balance the Confederacy and its allies. After the war the alliance was a way to reinforce the Monroe Doctrine, keeping European colonialism out of North and South America. For the German Empire it was a way of seeking legitmacy and recognition as the new dominant power in Europe. Russia saw it as a way of curtailing British and French out of the Middle East and opening it for Russian expansion.

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