The Grand Republic of Scotland was created in 1927 when Knights of Scotland overthrew the Scottish Free State and established Scotland as a One Party State. The Leader of Knights of Scotland Lewis Iver was established as President of the Grand Republic and Leader of the new Party Of National Scots. Under Iver's establishment Scotland fell into a Secluded backwater State. In 1936 Scotland refused to join the Alliance of Unionism. Iver called Unionism a sick Nationalist Imperialist movement. In 1946 the Grand Republic of Scotland refused to join The League of World Nations calling it a multi-national government similar to Unionism. Iver's death in 1954 crippled the country when it was passed to his ineffective self-serving younger brother, Daniel Iver. Daniel became the second president of the Grand Republic and Leader of the Party Of National Scots. After his death in 1969 Leadership of the Nation passed to Aaron Seaver, Grand Knight of The Knights of Scotland. Under Seaver Scotland went through a phase known as the State of Alba. Seaver began a campaign of destroying Pprivate ownership making all corporations into a single company ruled by the State. He made it so all citizens had to carry passbooks with them at all times. He started a Scottish car manufacturer and cancelled all Foreign aid. He made Glasgow into a government city where only those with certain Passes could enter. He created a National Healthcare, Transport and Police Force. He built the First overground railroad from Glasgow to Edinburgh. He destroyed all Reading materials that went against the State. He made the party into organization where every citizen in Scotland was a member. He shut all opposition down. He militarized the Anglo-Scottish border. Made laws that all citizens of ages 20-27 had to serve 18 years in either the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, National Guard, Coast Guard or the Marines. He made public housing for all in small cities and made travel in and out of the country illegal. A slogan well remembered from his regime is How is the State of Alba? which would be spoken over loudspeakers every hour on the hour. The answer would always be Grand! After Seaver's death in 1985 Michael Gorten became fourth president of the Grand Republic and leader of the party.

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