Grand Duke Michael of Alaska (Russ: /Mikhail Nikolayevich Dmitrov) (15 September 1890 - 10 May 1948) was an Alaskan noble and the son of Nicholas I, the brother of Alexander I, the uncle of Alexander II, and the father of Alexander III. Known as something of a playboy, the Grand Duke epitomized the lavish lifestyle of the monarchy at the turn of the century and was regarded as the black sheep within the royal family, often at odds with his father, and kept several mistresses and had three wives over the course of his lifetime. The Grand Duke was a military officer in the Pacific War, being wounded twice, and later served as an informal advisor to the Great North Petroleum company after the decline of the nobility in the early 1930's. He encouraged his only son, Alexander, to pursue a military career, and married his daughters off to wealthy businessmen in the 1940's to ensure his line of the family maintained a strong financial footing. In 1948, he died under mysterious circumstances in a hotel in Aleksandrgrad - the official explanation is suicide, but conspiracy theorists have doubted this conclusion for several decades.

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