Konstantin Mikhailovitch Dmitrov, Grand Duke of Alaska (September 2, 1860 - July 8, 1935), known as Grand Duke Constantine in the non-Russian world, was an Alaskan soldier and nobleman who was the younger brother of Tsar Nicholas I and the second child of Tsar Michael II. He was a cavalry officer in the Alaskan War who served at Burrard and under Boris Anasenko, whom he generally admired. He participated in the Dmitrov coup to elevate his father to the throne and was afterwards bestowed with the title Grand Duke. Constantine was regarded as being "Anasenko's man" amongst his brother's close group of advisors, and after Anasenko resigned in 1912, Tsar Nicholas I is said to have never truly forgiven his brother for siding with "that half-Indian" against him. Duke Constantine was passed over for promotion to the position of Grand Marshal in favor of his brother and angrily left Alaska for the United States in response, eventually becoming Ambassador in 1923 after he and his brother had reconciled somewhat. Regardless, Constantine viewed the ambassadorship as a type of exile, yet was crucial in fostering the ties with the United States that led to Alaska's participation amongst the Allies in the Pacific War. He remained ambassador until his death in 1935, the longest-served ambassador to any country in Alaskan history and the longest serving ambassador to the United States in its history. He outlived his elder brother by nine months.

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