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Grand Duchy of Oldenburg (No Great War)

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Großherzogtum Oldenburg (German)
Grand Duchy of Oldenburg
State of the German Empire (1871-1991)
Flag of France.svg
1814–1991 Civil flag of Oldenburg.svg
Civil flag of Oldenburg.svg Wappen Deutsches Reich - Grossherzogtum Oldenburg.png
Flag Coat of arms
NGW Oldenburg.png
Oldenburg in the German Empire, in 1952
Capital Oldenburg
Official language German,
Religion Catholicism, Protestant
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Grand Dukes
 - 1814-1823 Peter Fredrick Wilhelm (First)
 - 1900-1931 Fredrick Augustus II
 - 1931-1970 Nikolaus
 - 1970-1991 Anton-Günther(Last)
 - Established 1814
 - Disestablished 1991
Currency Papiermark (1914-1938)
Reichsmark (until 1991)

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