The Grand Alliance, also known as the Corsica Entente (French: Grande Alliance; Russian: Velikij Sojuz; German: Großartige Verbindung, Portuguese: Aliança Grande) was one of the major alliances of the Second Global War, the other being the United Coalition, and were the victors in the bloody conflict.


Founded in the aftermath of the French defeat in the First Global War, and the break up of the Marseilles Pact, The Grand Alliance was originally a small group, composed of France, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece and Denmark-Norway. Emperor Louis had called a meeting of the nations in the Imperial Estate in Corsica, miles from Napoleon I's birth place to discuss future security in the face of the rise of the German Empire. After much discussion, on March 17, 1875, the Treaty of Corsica was signed, bringing the new alliance to life.

In 1878, Austria-Hungary joined the alliance, and with the rapprochement between France and the United Kingdom, Britain became a "de-facto" member of the Grand Alliance. After the American defeat in the Third American War in 1885, the United States, along with its allies of Assiniboia, Alyseka, and Mexico also became "associated" with the alliance, if not out-right members.

The Burma Crisis

The Second Global War

Inter-War Period

The Third Global War



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