Federación Granadina
Timeline: British Louisiana
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Santa Fe
Language Spanish
Monarch Carlos II
Executive President
Independence from Spain
  declared 1853
  recognized 1883
Currency Granadine Peso

The Granadine Federation includes, more or less, OTL Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.


Highly influenced by the British, the Granadine Federation declared her independence in 1853. The independence war was quick and almost bloodless, but Spain did not recognized the independence for almost 30 years.


The Granadine Federation lies in northwestern South America, plus a deal of the Central American Isthmus.

The Granadine Federation is traditionally divided in six natural regions: The Andes, the Pacific Plains, the Caribbean Plains, the Isthmus, the Llanos, and the Selva.


North: The Caribbean Sea. West: Guatemala and the Pacific Ocean. South: Peru . East: Brazil and Venezuela.

Political Divisions

The Granadine Federation is divided in ten Estados (States, sing. estado) and two federal territories. The States are divided in provincias (provinces) and the provinces in municipios (municipalities).

States, territories and provinces of the Granadine Federation
State Capital Province Capital
Antioquia Santa Fe de Antioquia AntioquiaSanta Fe de Antioquia
Valle de AburráMedellín
Boyacá Tunja PamplonaCúcuta
Cartagena Cartagena CartagenaCartagena
Cauca Popayán PopayánPopayán
Valle del CaucaSantiago de Cali
Guayaquil Guayaquil CuencaCuenca
Magdalena Santa Marta CesarValledupar
Santa MartaSanta Marta
Panamá Panamá AzueroAzuero
Quito Quito CarchiTulcán
Santa Fe Santa Fe de Bogotá BogotáSanta Fe de Bogotá
Tolima Mariquita HuilaNeiva
Caguán Florencia
Amazonas Leticia

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