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Republic of Gran Columbia
República de la Gran Colombia
Timeline: American Moral Peace

OTL equivalent: the Columbia, Venezuela, Equador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean
Flag of Gran Colombia (No Napoleon) Coat of arms of Colombia (no Napoleon)
Flag Coat of arms
AMP Map of Gran Colombia
Location of the Gran Columbia
(and largest city)
Bogota, D.B
Language Spanish (official)
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Group Columbian
Demonym Gran Columbian
Government Unitary federal constitutional presidential republic
  legislature Congress
President Nicolás Maduro
Vice President Juan Manuel Santos
Area 2,838,386 sq mi
Population 277,321,758 (2011 census)
Independence from Spanish Empire
  declared August 10, 1809
  recognized May 24, 1822
Currency Peso ($) (COP)
Calling Code +55
Internet TLD .co
Organizations United Nations, Union of South American Nations

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