República de Gran Colombia
Republic of Gran Colombia
Timeline: Latin American Meiji
Flag of Colombia Coat of arms of Colombia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Gran Colombia (Latin American Meiji)
Location of Gran Colombia
(and largest city)
Language Spanish
President María Consuelo Araújo
Prime Minister Juan Manuel Santos
Currency Peso

Gran Colombia is a nation in South America.


Gran Colombia declared independence from Spain in 1819. Later in 1880 Colombia along with Brazil partitioned Bolivia and Peru amongst themselves. By 1890 Colombia joins the Central Powers Alliance along with Mexico and USA.

In 1914, shortly after the First World War had begun, Argentina and Brazil had invaded Gran Colombia. The war lasted for six years and ended in 1920. From the war, Gran Colombia managed to gain the rest of former Peru from Brazil.

By 1939 Gran Colombia was again invaded by Argentina and Brazil in the Second World War. The war lasted until 1947 which resulted in victory for the Central Powers. Gran Colombia emerged as one of the world's Superpowers following the war.

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