The flag of Graece

The flag of Graece

The flag of Graece is a combination of elements of the flags of the Macedonians, the Aechean League, the Hellenicstic League, Epirus, Pergamon, Bithynia, and Galatia. The yellow sun with its yellow rays on the red background are from Macedonia, and probably represents the light in darkness, the civilized among barbarians, Macedonia in the world. The mythical beast, probably a flying horse, is from the Aechean League. The vertical blue rays with the white stripes are from the Hellenic League, while the red stripes are from Bithynia, and the horizontal blue rays are from Epirus. The lightning bolts of Zeus is from Pergamon, and the four stars, or whatever they are, are from Galatia. They are a bit small and hidden, but that was perhaps done intentionally. A strange flag, looking like a circus, but it was a good decision of Philip V to incorporate elements of the flags of his conquered subjects to ease tensions. In time, citizens of Graece didn't feel Macedonian or Aechean any more, they felt as citizens of Graece, a proud nation surrounded by barbarians. And do know that barbarians were originally simply people who didn't speak Greek, and wasn't offensive in the slightest.

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