Caesar Gracchus Laenas (2621-2708) [1868 A.D.-1955 A.D.] was the Emperor of Rome from 2656 to his death in 2708. He is remembered as the most victorious Emperor of the modern era, with several military and political achievements connected to his long and successful reign.

Gracchus was born as the son of a wealthy Senator originating from Pannonia Province. As a youth, he earned a doctorate in law and political studies, and studied military tactics as well. He was also known to be an excellent athlete, twice competing on the Imperial Games. At the age of 23, he married Flavia Atella, the daughter of a rich automobile industrialist and politician. He followed his father's footsteps in the Moderate Party. He became a member of the Senate at the age of 25.

Gracchus was active in the skirmishes between the Moderate and the Tyrannical Party during that period. He participated in the "Bloodless Riot" of 2648, and the "Siege of the Capitolium" in 2650. During the latter, he was injured by a police gunshot, making his left arm crippled for the rest of his life.

During his reign, Emperor Gracchus successfully managed to handle the tense situations around the Empire (especially the border skirmishes), and turned it from scavenged and war-throtten into victorious and stable, with overall wellfare. He ruined with an iron fist, however his authority was never challenged, as the people were generally happy with their conditions. However, Gracchus made some democratic reforms, including the increasing of the Senate's number from 300 to 600.

Because of the general rich economy during his reign, Gracchus could also managed to achieve scienfitic progress. During his 52 years as emperor, Rome evolved into a new and modern era of living standards. His reign saw the foundation of the Mars Colony and the first space flights to Jupiter and Saturn.

Gracchus had three children, two daughters and a son from his wife, and an illegitimate son. He had recorded affairs with at least three female and two male lovers, the latter including gladiator Titus Aquinius.

Gracchus' life and career was chronicled by Oculus, who published his seven-volume biographical work after the Emperor's death.

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