Governorates of Alaska (Russian America)

The 18 governorates of Alaska.

The Governorates of Alaska (Russian: губернии Аляски, gubernii Alyaski) are the top-level constituent entities of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. The nation is currently comprised of 18 governorates, eight of which were established under the Russian Empire.

The constitution of Alaska stipulates that each governorate is to act as sovereign entities that are subordinate to a federal government. In essence, the relationship between the governorates and the national government are akin to such systems of the United States. Since the nation's formation, federal and provincial have been constitutionally and judicially determined. Today, several of the key institutions controlled by the governorates include (but not limited to): health care, legality of cannabis, provincial languages, same-sex marriages, and Senatorial appointments.


Flag Governorate ISO Capital Area Population
Flag of Aleutia (Russian America) Aleutia AE Unalaska 77,023 859,716
Flag of Bering (Russian America) Bering BE Nakovalenny 229,763 1,031,659
Flag of Columbia (Russian America) Columbia KO Burlington 247,297 8,138,643
Flag of the Far North (Russian America) Far North DS Alpinsky 542,463 458,515
Flag of Idaho (Russian America) Idaho ID Moscow-on-Shoshone 458,329 2,693,776
Flag of Kenai (Russian America) Kenai KE Nadezhda 111,975 4,012,007
Flag of Kodiak (Russian America) Kodiak KA Pavlovsk 28,028 1,203,602
Flag of New Caledonia (Russian America) New Caledonia NK Kemano 274,971 4,814,409
Flag of New Irkutsk (Russian America) New Irkutsk NI Minchuminsk 289,965 1,260,917
Flag of Oregon (Russian America) Oregon OR Dolinnoye Serdtse 353,945 6,820,412
Flag of the Queen Charlotte Islands (Russian America) Queen Charlotte Islands QC Skidegate 13,145 1,088,973
Flag of Shelikof (Russian America) Shelikof SE Nooshagak 258,333 3,840,064
Flag of Sitka (Russian America) Sitka SI Piltsburg 105,935 4,470,522
California Lone Star Flag 1836 Sonoma SO Dve Reki 87,519 9,858,075
Flag of Tongass (Russian America) Tongass TO Domovoy 126,091 2,120,632
Flag of Vancouver Island Vancouver Island VC Victoria 36,067 1,834,060
Flag of Yakutat (Russian America) Yakutat YA Slavorossiysk 133,430 974,345
Flag of Yukon (Russian America) Yukon YK Davydovsk 461,519 1,834,060

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