Seal of Virginia
The Governor of Virginia is the chief executive of the Commonwealth of Virginia and commander-in-chief of the Virginia National Guard. The governor is elected every four years and is eligble for two terms or eight years as governor. To be elected as governor, a candidate must be a citizen of the United Provinces, must be at least 30 years old, and has not previously served two terms as governor. The Governor of Virginia is required to live in the seat of government of Virginia. At every regular session, he or she must report the state of the Commonwealth to the General Assembly, Virginia's legislature. He or she must convene the legislature when two-thirds of each house calls for a special session. The governor must ensure that the laws of the Commonwealth are faithfully executed and is responsible for the safety of the state, as he serves as commander-in-chief of the Virginia National Guard. The governor has the power to submit recommendations and to call special sessions, has the power to veto laws submitted by the General Assembly, he is the commander-in-chief of the Virginia National Guard, has the ability to communicate between other states and foreign powers, fill vacancies in positions, and issue pardons to criminals.

Governors of Virginia

Name Portrait Term Party
Edmund Pendleton Edmund Pendleton January 1, 1773 - January 1, 1777 Federalist
Patrick Henry Patrick Henry official portrait January 1, 1777 - January 1, 1781 No party

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