The Governor of Pacifica is the chief executive of the state of Pacifica and the Commander-in-Chief of the Pacifica State National Guard. The current Governor of Pacifica is Benjamin Kemp, serving since January 2011.

Constitutional Role

The Governor of Pacifica is elected to serve four-year terms every four years. Since 1975, the Governor has been limited to two consecutive or non-consecutive four-year terms. Prior to that same 1975 reform, the Governor of Pacifica was elected to unlimited two-year terms. The longest-serving Governor, William A.C. Bennett, was elected to seven consecutive terms, serving fourteen years (1953-1967).

The Governor of Pacifica is elected on a single ticket along with the Lieutenant Governor, who serves as the head of the State Senate. The Governor of Pacifica is empowered to appoint a Cabinet, whose elected members include the Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer and State Auditor (officially titled the Auditor of Public Accounts). All other state officials are appointed by the Governor and ratified by the Senate, making the Governor of Pacifica one of the most powerful in the United States. The Governor's residence is the Spruce Street House near the Pacifica State Capitol building in Whiskey Bay, Pacifica.

The Governor is empowered to declare a state of emergency, enact an emergency session of the legislature, and use a line-item veto. As per 1975 reforms, the Governor is charged with presenting the legislature with a budget as opposed to the other way around, and is given the right to appoint state judges pending approval of the legislature. In a quirk influenced by Pacifica's status as a border state, the Governor is mandated to "assist and aid the Federal government in its maintenance of the international and state border with Alaska." The Governor has the power to dismiss any non-elected government official at his discretion without legislative approval.

List of Governors of Pacifica

Name Portrait Term Party Notes
John Fitzgerald Boll June 1, 1899-January 1, 1901 Democratic
George Burke January 2, 1901-January 1, 1905 National
Richard McBride January 2, 1905-January 1, 1915 National
William John Bowser January 2, 1915-January 1, 1919 National
Elmo Miller January 2, 1919 - January 1, 1927 Democrat
Robert Mayhew January 2, 1927-January 1, 1933 National
Thomas D. Pattullo January 2, 1933-January 1, 1941 National
Robert Henry Carson January 2, 1941-January 1, 1943 National
Arnold A. Webster January 2, 1943-January 1, 1947 Democrat
Byron "Boss" Johnson January 2, 1947-January 1, 1953 Democrat
William A.C. Bennett January 2, 1953-January 1, 1967 National Longest-serving Governor in Pacifica history
Bill Bennett January 2, 1967-January 2, 1971 National Also served as Senator 1973-1991
Frank Crow January 2, 1971-January 2, 1979 National
Dave Barrett January 2, 1979-January 2, 1987 Democrat
Mike Harcourt January 2, 1987-January 2, 1995 Democrat
Gordon Wilson January 2, 1995 - April 17, 2000 Democrat Resigned
Dan Miller April 17, 2000 - January 2, 2003 Democrat Fulfilled remainder of predecessor's term
Gordon Campbell January 2, 2003 - January 2, 2011 Democrat
Ben Kemp January 2, 2011 - present National

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