The Governor of Nova Scotia is the chief executive of the state of Nova Scotia. He has the power to veto legislation sent by the Legislature of Nova Scotia, is the commander-in-chief of the Nova Scotia National Guard and the Nova Scotia State Police Division (NSSP) and appoints the heads of state departments and state judges, as well as all state row officers, making the Governor of Nova Scotia among the most powerful governorships in the country. The Governor's office is in the Nova Scotia State Capitol in Halifax and he is eligible to reside at the Stanfield House across the street. In case of a vacancy in the event of a resignation or death, the Governor is succeeded by the President pro tempore of the Nova Scotia Senate until the end of his constitutionally mandated term - in this case, the new Governor is simply the "Acting Governor." This provision has never come into effect in the state's history.

The current Governor of Nova Scotia is Dominic LeBlanc, who has served since January 1, 2017.

List of Governors of Nova Scotia

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