The Governor of Huron is the head of the executive branch of the Huron state government and the commander-in-chief of its military forces. The governor has a duty to enforce the laws of the state, to approve or veto bills enacted by the legislature, and is empowered to use a line-item veto to remove certain provisions of laws. The governor is also empowered to convene the legislature on extraordinary occasions, and has the power to unilaterally declare a state of emergency on a local or state-wide basis.

The Governor is elected to serve a four-year term. Under the State Constitution of Huron, the Governor is prohibited from succeeding his/herself, although Governors may serve unlimited non-consecutive terms. Two men (John Mead and George Baker) have served two terms, and Leslie Frost served three.

The current Governor of Huron is Matthew Tran, the first non-white Governor in state history, and the second Asian-American Governor in the United States.

List of Governors of Huron

Name Portrait Term Party Notes
George S. Henry 1927-1931 National
Howard Ferguson 1931-1935 National
Mitchell Hepburn 1935-1939 Democratic
George Drew 1939-1943 National Later elected Senator from 1947-1974
Leslie Frost 1943-1947 National First term
Robert Renly 1947-1951 Democratic
Leslie Frost 1951-1955 National Second term
Charles Sampson 1955-1959 National
Leslie Frost 1959-1963 National Third term
Oliver S. Pickham 1963-1967 Democratic
Jack Manning 1967-1971 National
John Mead 1971-1975 National First term
Bill Davis 1975-1979 National
John Mead 1977-1983 National Second term
Rob Grant 1983-1987 National
Peter Mead 1987-1991 National
Jack Dorner 1991-1995 Democratic
Cheryl Stephens 1995-1999 Democratic
Jim Carrey JimCarrey4 1999-2003 Democratic
Patrick Mead 2003-2007 National
John Tory 2007-2011 National
Matthew Tran 2011-present National

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