A Governor-General (Filipino: Gobernador Heneral, Spanish: Gobernador General, Malay: Gabenor Jeneral) is a position within the Philippine government, with the task of administering one of the four regions of the Philippines. A Governor-General assumes both a civilian and military role. Not only does a Governor-General administer a certain region, a Governor-General also controls a certain branch of the Philippine National Constabulary, serving that particular region.

Due to the military and law enforcement responsibilities carried forth by Governors-General, they are required at minimum, four years of military experience with no exceptions. They are elected by the people of their regions, in the Regional Elections, carrying forth the duties of a regular politician. They are then appointed by the President, in order to receive their final recognition.

The idea and concept of a "Governor-General" stems from influences that the Philippine Armed Forces had adopted from previous colonial powers, such as the Spanish Empire, American Insular Government and the Japanese puppet government.

There are currently four active Governors-General, as each region of the Philippines contains one and its own Governor-General.

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