Albrecht AchillesOliver Cromwell by Samuel Cooper
Isaac Gabras - Theodore von Cherseneos
George-William HRE (The Kalmar Union)Marie Guilhelmine Benoist 001
Frederick Guderian - Theodora von Calamita
Ludwig HRE (The Kalmar Union)200px-John French, 1st Earl of Ypres, Bain photo portrait, seated, cropped
Alfred Gabras - Wilhelm Albrecht
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of the Roman Empire 1265-Present Roman Empire 3,000,000
RussiaUkraineBelarusUniqueTricolor Ruthenia 150,000
Flag of the Tatar Empire (PM3) The Tartary 60,000
Flag of Vlachia (PM3) Vlachia 40,000
Gothic, Greek
Predominantly Greek Orthodox, some Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Germans, Swedes
 The Goths, sometimes refered to as the Taurican Goths or just Tauricans, are an East Germanic ethnic group located on the Taurican peninsula in the Black Sea. The Goths are the last East Germanic ethnic group in the world and are distantly related to Germans and Swedes. Their ancestors settled in Taurica during the last days of the great barbarian migrations towards the end of the Classical era. 

The Goths have been associated with the Roman Empire for a long period of time, but only fully entered the Imperial fold in the early 16th century when the Emperor's brother-in-law Isaac Gabras pushed out the Venetians and unified most of the peninsula under his control. In the Empire, the Goths are stereotypically known as hardworking industrialists and army officers. There is some truth to these claims and a well renowned Gothic officer corps is known for being the key to reclaiming Rome and Italy in the War of the Grand Coalition.