Gordon Moore, Lower Manhattan and Gordon Brown

The Gordon "Timeline" is actually a set of timelines which can be partly identified by three figures called Gordon which are prominent in this timeline but not in the Caroline Era: (Gordon) Moore's Law, stating that the progress of information technology was exponential rather than linear in nature, Gordon Gekko, a fictional character in a film called Wall Street who famously stated that "greed is good", and Gordon Brown, an unelected Prime Minister of a 21st century United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a communitarian "New Labour" party. There are eight variants of this timeline:

  • Whether the Queen abdicated or still reigns.
  • Whether Francois Duvalier stayed sane or became psychotic.
  • The nature of vacuum cleaner technology.

This includes OTL with respect to the Caroline Era timeline. The most different timeline to OTL in the Gordon set of timelines is one in which King George VII is on the throne, Haiti is a successful nation and the Beatles have reformed.

Connection to Titor Mystery

A few lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists allege that the individual referred to as John Titor is from a Gordon Timeline. This is largely based on interviews with him conducted in secret by military intelligence services which were later accidentally leaked. In particular, it is notable that the person concerned was carrying a piece of portable hardware apparently intended as a radio communication device which used technology unknown to the human race and included elements only widely available in areas of Africa

which are not generally accessible due to the situation in that continent.

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