The Goratz dynasty was the first historical ruling dynasty of Vallechia. It began with the semi-legendary Goratz Kałetniej. The first historical ruler was Prince Szielka I (tenth century). The Goratz' royal rule in Vallechia ended in 1370 with the death of king Szimierak the Great. Branches of the Goratz dynasty continued to rule in the Duchy of Króweszjk and in the duchies of Wołyńskraj after 1370, until the last male Wołyńczjk Goratz died in 1675. The Goratz intermarried with several noble lines of Europe, and possessed numerous titles, some within the Holy Roman Empire.


See: List of Monarchs of Vallechia

Living descendants

The oldest living descendant of the Goratz dynasty is Izydor Jarekovysz z Równe (Venice, Italy) at 85 years of age. Jarekovysz is the last remaining descendant of the main dynastic family. The oldest living descendant of the dynasty's branch family is Blanche Proulx (Cherbourg, France), at 51 years of age.

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