Republiek van Goeie Hoop
Republic of Good Hope
Flag of South Africa
Map Good Hope (VegWorld)
Official languages Afrikaans, English, Nàmá
Capital Cape Town (Kaapstad)
Largest Cities Cape Town: 1,864,000
Population 8,372,000
HDI 0.871
Nation formed 1931 (from Great Britain)
Currency Good Hope Pound (GHP)
Our Timeline Equivalent Historical "Cape Province" and "Natal Province" of South Africa.

The nation of Good Hope is situated at the southernmost tip of Africa. Owing to its strategic position in the Europe-India-Asia trade route, it contains the highest percentage of Indians and Orientals in all of Africa, and the highest percentage of Europeans and vegetarians of any sub-Saharan African country. The percentage of multi-racial people is also high.



68% Vegetarian
32% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

56% Europeans (chiefly Netherlanders and English)
12% Khoisan
08% Indians
08% Sorientals (Southern Orientals) (chiefly Malays)
04% Norientals (Northern Orientals) (chiefly Chinese)
03% Ethiopian (Sub-Saharan African) (chiefly Bantu groups)
08% multi-racial
01% others


43% Cape Dutch (Afrikaans)
33% English
10% Khoisan languages
06% Nama
04% Malay
02% Dravidian languages (Telugu, Tamil)
02% Indo-Aryan languages (Gujarati, Hindi)
02% Malagasy
02% Chinese languages
02% others (Bantu languages, etc)
  • Note: The majority of Good Hopers are at least bilingual, and Cape Dutch and English can both be understood by the majority of the population. In addition, there are various shades of Malay-Malagasy creole dialects, with many words diffusing between the two.


34% Cathar
28% Non-religious
19% atheist
09% agnostic
13% Christian
07% Quaker
04% Catholic
03% Protestant
08% Hindu
04% Jewish
02% Jain
10% various indigenous beliefs
01% others

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