Drakpa Gyaltsen Phagmodrupa
Principia Moderni III
Regent of Tibet (Drisana Malla)
Reign 1385–1432
Predecessor Sonam Drakpa
Spouse Drisana Malla (Princess of Nepal)
Issue Jetsan Gyaltsen Phagmodrupa
Tsewang Gyaltsen Phagmodrupa 
House Phagmodrupa dynasty
Father Shakya Rinchen
Mother Zina Rinchen Som
Died 1432
Lhasa, Tibet

Gongma Drakpa Gyaltsen(Gong ma grags pa rgyal mts'an) (1374–1432) was a King of Tibet who ruled in 1385–1432. He belonged to the Phagmodrupa dynasty, which was the leading regime in Tibet between 1354 and 1435. His reign was comparatively tranquil, but he was also the last ruler of the dynasty to wield full powers over the central parts of Tibet.

Accession to the throne

Drakpa Gyaltsen was the eldest son of Shakya Rinchen, a brother of a former ruler of the dynasty, Jamyang Shakya Gyaltsen.  His mother was called Zina Rinchen Som. His father had very briefly succeeded to the rulership of Central Tibet in 1373, but lost his mind when a house where he stayed overnight caught fire. The young Drakpa Gyaltsen was considered an incarnation of Jamyang (Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom). Like the other Phagmodrupa rulers he had a monastic upbringing, and was ordained as lama of the Tsethang monastery in 1380. Five years later he was raised to the dignity of regent of Tibet by a faction opposed to the current ruler Sonam Drakpa.

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