The "Golf Incident" was a notorious and embarrassing episode in the early morning of April 5th, 1989, when US President Robert Redford and visiting Japanese Shogun Jiro Hataka were photographed playing golf on the White House premises early in the morning while inebriated, at one point hitting balls off of the restricted roof like a driving range while wearing only their dress shirts and underwear. The incident occurred shortly after Hataka had attended a lavish state dinner, Redford's first as President, on the evening of April 4th.

The event, while harmless in practical terms, was a political disaster for both men. Redford's public image never recovered and the moniker "Night Golfer" stuck throughout his administration, and Hataka was roundly criticized in Japan and failed to garner enough serious political support for and of his policies afterwards, resulting in his February 1991 resignation in disgrace, months after his resignation was demanded amongst other Japanese politicians and daimyo.

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