Jochid Ulus
Kipchak Khanate
Golden Horde

Züchii-in Uls (Mongolian)
Altın Urda (Kipchak)

Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
Preceded by 1240-1463 Succeeded by
Flag of the Kazan KhanateVolga Bulgars
Golden Horde flag 1339 Mongol Empire
Flag of the Kazan Khanate Tatar Empire
Golden Horde flag 1339
The Horde, vassal-less, in green.
Capital New Saray
Largest city New Saray
Other cities Qazan, Bolgar, Xacitarxan, Saray-Jük, Sibir, Tyumen, Ufa, Balkhash
Mongolian, Tatar/Kipchak
  others Chuvash, Permic languages, Mordvinic languages, Mari, Samoyedic languages, Nogay, Bashkir, Caucasian languages, many others
Sunni Islam
  others Mastoravic faith, Orthodox Christianity, Nestorian Christianity
Ethnic Groups
  others Caucasian
Demonym Tatar
Government Tribal monarchy
  legislature Kurultai
Khan Temür-Hachiun
  : Genghisid-Manghit
Emir/Vizier Edigu Manghit
Area ~6,000,000 
Established 1240s
Independence from Mongol Empire
Annexation to became Empire of the Urals
Currency Ruble?

The Jochid Ulus, also known in the west as the Golden Horde or the Tartary,  was a large, somewhat descentralised, kingdom in the Eurasian continent. Descendant from the northern edge of the Mongol Empire of the thirteenth century, the largest empire mankind has seen to date, the Jochid Ulus' khans descend from Jochi, Genghis Khan's eldest son. The Golden Horde is one of the largest states of Eurasia, although it is only recently reformed, having recovered from a period of division between its two main provinces, the White and Blue Hordes. The Jochid Ulus has suffered a few setbacks, but also has experienced victories.


for history before 1400, see main article: Golden Horde



The Jochid Ulus spans the Volga valleys and the Kazakh and Russian steppes. 

List of Khans of the Golden Horde

(this list only includes the Khans that are alive as of 1400).

  • Tuqtamış Khan (1378-1397). Murdered in Siberia. Children:
    • Jalal al-Din (born 1380)
    • Karim Berdi
    • Kebek
  • Temür Qutlugh Khan (1397-1399, overthrown in 1399)
  • Shadi Beg Khan, the Bad (1399-1412), m. Timurid princess
  • Regency by Manguday Manghit (1412-1420)
  • Temür-Hachiun Manghit, the Warlike (born 1402, reigned 1420-1461)
    • Aydar-Arslan (born 1435, heir to the throne)
    • Tulpar (born 1439) and twin brother, Tyushta
  • Aydar-Arslan (born 1435, reigned 1462-1463), Christian name: Theodore I

List of Viziers of the Golden Horde

  • Edigu/İdegäy Manghit (1397-1406)
    • Manguday Manghit (born app. 1380, ruled 1406-??) m. Jochid princess
      • Temür-Hachuin Manghit (born 1402, became Khan)
        • Aydar-Arslan (born 1435, heir to the throne)
        • Tulpar and Tyushta (born 1439)
  • Viziership abolished in 1463

Foreign Relations


  • Great Perm (de facto as well as de jure after the Northern War of 1401)
  • Adyghea
  • Kazakh Khanate, broke off from the Chagatay in 1460?



  • Four Oirats
  • Timurid Empire
  • Bengal
  • Roman Empire
  • UNC (co-belligerent in two wars against Muscovy)


  • Hungary
  • Venice


  • Pskov