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Göring decides to risk it all, and take out France. He launches a daring assault against the French forces manning the incomplete Maginot Line, and quickly retake Alsace Lorraine from the French. This provokes a bit of a crisis in the Allied camp, as the English and French argue about trusting the Nazi's. In the end, the English join the war on the side of the French, and begin deploying forces into France. The Germans move quickly though, and are able to pierce into France for quite aways.

The tide turns when a counter attack by french forces cuts off the German supply lines, leaving the bulk of their army stranded in France. Attempts are made to break out, but they are largely unsucessful. Eventually, the army surrenders, leaving Germany with the shadow of the army they had before. When news comes in of this disaster, the northern territories rise up once again, and the civil war restarts in Germany. With the French on one side, the rebels on another, and the majority of their armed forces destroyed, Göring has no choice but to surrender. The rebels are given most of Northern and Southeast Germany, while the French occupy the suothwestern part. But the rebels still hold a grudge against the Allies, who they are angry at for crushing their rebellion before.

When the almost inevitable Soviet assault comes, the reformed FNNG faces a dillema. They can side with their alles agains the Soviet Hordes, or they could turn on their allies, in order to gain vengeance for their wrongs. What shall they do?

Created by:Azecreth 15:20, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

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