Previous - Hermann Goring becomes the German Führer (CYOAH)

Hermann Göring, German Führer and professional warmonger, has begun preparing Germany for war. Switzerland must wait, Göring knows, they are more difficult to conquer than they appear. Thus, the less prepared neighboring nations of Austria and Hungary are attacked. France and Britain are outraged, and declare war on Germany. Göring, however, knows that once the German war machine gets rolling, nothing short of a trans-continental Communist Empire can stop it. When Britain and France do not back up their declaration with any actual war, Göring calls their bluff and invades Czechoslovakia. Britain and France are outraged, but do not attack, and only prepare themselves for the War to End All Wars (Again).

Three years have passed, and now Germany is riding high on a series of wins throughout Europe, including taking Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Northern Yugoslavia. Italy meanwhile has taken over the rest of Yugoslavia, and much of northern Africa. Finally, Göring is reminded of the pact he made, and prepares for a long, difficult fight.

Thousands of Germans pour into Switzerland, and all but the heartiest are dead within the first month. The Swiss resistance, though brave well-equipped, are defeated in late 1936, primarily because of the Luftwaffe. Many casualties were taken on both sides, but the enemy's morale has been broken, and Germany still goes strong.

Göring is now faced with a choice; France, Poland, and Greece are the only sources of opposition on the European continent, and one of them must be dealt with quickly, to keep the momentum going.

Which will it be?

Goering Invades Greece

Goering Invades France (CYOAH)

Goering Invades Poland (CYOAH)

Jazon Naparleon 22:38, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

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