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Göring waits a few months, gathering his army and formulating his plans, and on June 3rd he blitzkreigs in the dead of night. The attack is an incredible success, and soon the FNNG is split in two parts, and weeks later, collapses completely. However, when Göring sees with his own eyes the devastation and horrors of war, imagining what he will have to do in the future, when other nations oppose him, it is too much to bear. He finds John in the rubble, and brings him to the Reichstag. He explains that he is no longer a suitable leader, and that John should lead the newly intact Germany. John accepts, and over the years rebuilds the nation, though not without great difficulty, particularly with the Soviet invasion a few years later. Though Germany is eventually conquered by the reds, the other European nations are not, and fight the red menace, eventually driving them back from whence they came. Afterwards, Germany is re-established, and it absorbs a fair portion of the de-commied land, growing in power and population over the years.

In the year 2010, Europe is a peaceful land, and most nations are great powers. China is larger, having gained all of Northeast Asia, as part of an agreement with the late Soviet Union, though is weaker, with several internal conflicts brewing, and is slipping from the world stage. Western Asia has collapsed into dozens of warring states, kept within their own little world by the Czech and Indian governments. The United States had a more difficult time getting out of the Great Depression, though it is stronger, being the world's only superpower, and has several colonies in Africa, the Pacific, and Southeast Asia. Technology is much more advanced, though Mars remains uncolonized and only robots operate on the Moon for more than a few weeks at a time. It is not a perfect world, but it is better than some.

End of Storyline

Jazon Naparleon 03:09, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

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