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Hermann Göring ignores the Free Nation of Northern Germany, following through with what Hitler would have wanted; the invasion of Poland. He drafts every man he can get, and puts to work everyone else manufacturing what is needed for the invasion. Hitler, however, did not expect Germany to be fractured when he invaded Poland, and Göring filled in the blanks himself, deciding to invade in the dead of winter to catch them by surprise.

The Germans invaded on January Fifteenth, 1930 and though they were mildly successful, several factors worked against them; the fierce 1930 winter killed hundreds of German troops, and greatly lowered morale; the Poles had gotten word of the coming invasion and had dug in, so that the Germans lost many more troops than they did in OTL before Poland surrendered; without the USSR attacking, the Polish military was able to concentrate only on Germany, leading to a greater resistance; and Northern Germany attacked Germany at the same time Germany attacked the Poles. All these factors lead to the near-total annihilation of the German military forces, and a large portion of Germany was reclaimed by Northern Germany.

It was only three months before the Poles and the Northern Germans launched an attack that effectively dissolved Germany, with Poland and Northern Germany taking over those lands. However, Göring went insane, strapping dynamite to himself and killing thirteen other civilians in the resulting explosion. Poland now represents a significant threat, not to mention New Germany, and thus when Stalin looked for nations to invade, he looked not to the west, but to the east, setting his eyes on the many Central and South East Asian countries, namely Japan, that are ripe to invade.

Which country does Stalin attack?

Jazon Naparleon 18:06, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

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