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Göring, to prove that Germany is once again powerful, attacks Poland, with some Russian help. The Soviets get everything east of Warsaw, the Germans everything west.

Outraged, France declares war on Germany and invades through Alsace-Lorraine. Göring is caught in Cologne- he refused to leave, stating that the superb German fighting machine would stop the French- and attempts, with around 50 SS, to leave, but is caught leaving the besieged city and shot in the neck twice. He survives, though, and two days later attempts to escape Cologne again. This time, the shots hit him in the face. He doesn't survive.

Germany is in chaos, which only gets worse as the Russians take advantage of the situation to invade Poland. However, the French threaten war if Russia enters Germany, and as a result, the USSR chooses not to. However, they don't appreciate being threatened, and make it clear that war is coming,

Meanwhile, Germany loses all land west of Colonge, and are reduced to a French puppet.

War is coming with the USSR, though, and the Leaders of France and Britain meet to decide if they should attack first.

USSR strike first

Allies strike first

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