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Göring, despite the pinprick that was the attack on Berlin, knows that the RAF is on its last ropes, and that the combined attacks on the airfields and factories is having the desired result, opening England for invasion.

And he was proven right. In days, RAF Fighter Command tells Prime Minister Winston Churchill that they have no reserves, and their strength is nearly done. The British Isles would be open to invasion by the end of August. Churchill then tries to rally the people to prepare to defend from the inevitable German invasion, and the people, knowing that the Nazi's would destroy their way of life, respond to the call to arms, thousands stashing away weapons to prepare to resist, roadblocks and tank traps springing up all over the nation, and all available men have enlisted for service. Despite this, cries to end the war rise up, and several brigades of soldiers desert in the last desperate hour.

Göring now has the Golden Opportunity that the British were unable to exploit before: the enemy was in chaos, and was open to invasion. What should the Führer do?

Created by Tbguy1992 18:52, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

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