Previous: Nazi's go to England for help (CYOAH) Göring decides to take what would be a safe course. He figures that the Allies will not intervene if he tries to pull off Anschluss, forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. He begins pouring money to Nazi elements in Austria, helping them out. He begins waiting for some act by the government against the growing Nazi strength.

His time comes when the Austrian Nazi's stage a failed coup against the government. A civil war erupts in Austria between the military and the Fascist elements. Göring declares his desire to restore peace to Austria. He declares war on Austria, and deploys troops into the nation. The Germans crush the military loyal to the government, and help put the Fascists in power. With the war successfully concluded, he withdraws. The Allies, stunned, but seeing how Göring did not stay there, look on passively.

A few months later, a bill comes up in the Austrian parliament calling for union with Germany. The bill quickly passes, due to political gerrymandering by the Fascists. Göring approves, and announces the annexation of Austria. German troops move into the nation, and suppress the dissenters. The Germans use the Austrian industry to augment their own capacity, and to increase the militarization of the army.

Suddenly, the allies are brought around to the stark political reality of what has happened. They can choose to do something, or not. What happens next?

Threaten Germany with War

Let it be

Created by: Azecreth 21:16, October 11, 2011 (UTC)

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