Portrait by Federico Paramo, 1613
Queen of Anglia, Queen of Belgium
Reign November 2, 1610 - July 1, 1651
Coronation February 1, 1611
Predecessor Anthony III
Successor Thelbert II
Grand Duchess of Wales
Reign April 10, 1597 - December 11, 1618
Predecessor Edmund
Successor Mary
Consort Hadrian of Glouceaster
Thelbert II

Catherine of Spain

Mary of Wales

Full name
Guilia Augusta Godwife
House Cernau
Father Anthony III
Mother Maria-Alfonsa of Portugal
Born December 28, 1580
Died July 17, 1651 (aged 70)
 Godwife ( December 28, 1580 -  July 17, 1651), also known as Godwife of Segontium, was Queen regnant of Anglia and Belgium from the assassination of her father, Anthony III, on November 2, 1610, to her own death in 1651. Before her ascension and for eight years after, Godwife was also the Grand Duchess of Wales, where she still is affectionately referred to as Godwife Caernarfon. She granted the Grand Duchy to her youngest daughter, Mary, in 1618.

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