Emperor Go-Kômon (後孝文天皇) (1720-1750) was the 112th Emperor of Japan. He reigned from 1737 until his death in 1750. His personal name was Terufito.

Upon ascending the throne, he continued his father's policies, continuing to centralize the Empire while increasing public say. He ignored, however, the repeated requests of the colonies to increase their autonomy.


Go-Kômon was the eldest son of Emperor Kômon. In 1740, he married Kuniko, the 15-year-old granddaughter of Toyotomi Fidefi, the last Quampaku of the Toyotomi line. They had their first, and only, son, a boy named Fidefito, in 1746. Upon Go-Kômon's death 4 years later, the boy became Emperor Go-Kôtoku. Go-Kômon had appointed his wife's grandfather as sexxô for the boy


  • (1735)-1740 Fujiwara Nagafiko
  • 1740-1745 Yamamato Fachitarô
  • 1745-1750
  • 1750-(1755)


  • 1735-?? Fôka
Preceded by:
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by:

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