Sentius Saturninus
Roman Consul

Sentius Saturninus Bust.JPG
Bust of Saturninus
Reign January 24, 794 - May 2, 794
Predecessor Terentius Culleo
Successor Pomponius Secundus
Full name
Gnaeus Sentius Saturnius
Born c.750
Died May 2, 794
Curia Julia, Rome, Roman Empire
Gnaeus Sentius Saturninus (c.750 - May 2, 794) was a Roman statesman and Consul who controlled the city Rome following the assassination of Caligula on January 24, 794. A leading senator in favour of restoration of Rome, he was a major backer of the conspiracy against emperor Germanicus, and following his murder, managed to secure the support of senate.

Saturninus, however, needed the support of the Roman military if he was to remain in power, and whilst a number of Praetorian Guardsmen and auxiliaries helped keep the senate in power in the capital, almost the absolute majority of the nations armies were outside of the province of Italia.

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