Note:Ok so I think the Byzantines are cool and wish they hadn't fallen.Ok onto the Timeline.



1400: Emperor Manuel has a dream saying victory unto Byzantium and forces the Ottomans to Negotiate Territory.Venice conquers Epirus.

1405: Venice and Byzantium force the Ottomans to give up European Invasions for a minimum of 20 years.They also force the Ottomans to give the Byzantines the Bosporus and Nicomedia.They also give Venice areas around Athens.Tamerlane Dies and the Timurids collapse.

1415: The Byzantines finally destroy and conquer Achaea.Naxos is annexed to Venice.

1420: Impressed by Byzantine Power the Empire of Trebizond becomes a Byzantine Vassal.

1425: The Emperor of Trebizond dies and the New Emperor (Alexander) agrees to be crowned Despot of Pontus,the title Emperor of Trebizond is left empty.Manuel dies and his successor is John VIII.

1427: The Ottoman Truce is re-established until 1430.The people of Trebizond demand an Emperor of Trebizond but John says no and Alexander supports this.So the people of Trebizond declare his brother David Emperor of Trebizond.The Trebizond War begins.East Trebizond is conquered by the Emperor of Trebizond.

1428: David of Trebizond reaches the height of his power lacking only the Western Half of Trebizond.The Hundred Years' War in France comes to an end with the English keeping Normandy.

1429:David of Trebizond suffers many defeats and now only owns East Trebizond.

1430:David is finally defeated and East Trebizond is reclaimed.

1435:The Timurids split into their former states except Iraq,the Caucasian States, and Iran which are split between Aq and Kara Quyonlu.The Ottomans invade Wallachia.The Wallachians are limited to North Wallachia and appeal to the Byzantines for aid.Alexander has a son called Alexander.John VIII has a son who he names Alexander.

1442:The Byzantines invade Mysia.

1446:The Ottomans sue for peace and lose Mysia to Byzantium and can't invade Europe until 1452.Wallachia is reunified.

1449:The Ottomans have conquered the former Seljuq Sultanate of Rum except the Emirate of Sinope.Babur a descendent of Timur is born.

1451:The Byzantines invade the Emirate of Sinope and easily conquer it.

1452:The Truce is re-established until 1460.Alexander ascends the throne.

1454:Many of the Independents of Trebizond move to Sinope including David.

1457:The former Emirate of Sinope is declared the Empire of Sinope under the rule of David of Sinope.Isabella and Ferdinand marry and Spain is formed.

1459:David invades the Despotate of Pontus and West Trebizond is captured.Alexander dies and Pontus falls into civil war.

1460:The Truce is re-established until 1470.David of Sinope changes his title to David of Trebizond.

1463:David carries the Byzantines before him until only East Trebizond remains in Pontian hands.

1464:David defeats the Despot of Pontus and finally captures East Trebizond.Alexander is succeeded by Alexander II. Alexander II has a dream telling him that if he can convince Alexander to make David Despot of Sinope he will have success.Alexander gives the ok.

1465:East Trebizond and all of the former Despotate minus West Trebizond is recaptured by Alexander II.

1467:David loses West Trebizond and restores his title to David of Sinope.He agrees to become a Byzantine Vassal of Despot of Sinope.The Titles of Emperor of Trebizond and Emperor of Sinope are abolished.

1470:Genoa is defeated by Venice,Byzantium,and Naples.Discussion on Division of Genoa begins.A Truce that the Ottomans can't attack anybody until 1500 is established.John IX is born.

1475:It is established Kaffa (Genoese Crimea) will go to Venice.Other Talks still happening.The Frankocratia is declared over.

1477:The Genoese Port of Galata is given to Rome while Famagusta is given to Cyprus.The Genoese Islands go to Venice. Liguria and Corsica are still in question.

1480:It is decided Naples will get Corsica while Venice gets Liguria.Southern Half of Genoa proper goes to Rome.

1483:Roman Genoa is sold to The Venetian Most Serene Republic of Liguria.

1486:Kubul in Afghanistan is taken by Babur a member of the Timurid Dynasty,the Timurid Empire is redeclared.Multan and Delhi are quickly recaptured.OTL Pakistan is conquered.Kara Qoyunlu falls into civil war when Babur says he is Timur's successor.It is between The Black Turkish Army,the Kara Quyonlu Loyalists,and the Timurid Loyalists.

1488:The Roman Empire gains control of Montferrat when the Duke of Montferrat dies.Montferrat falls into civil war with the Montferrat National Army and the Roman Loyalists.The Kara Quyonlu Loyalists collapse and join the Black Turkish Army or form the Tehran Pact.The Isfahan Pact diverges from the Timurid Loyalists.Babur has a son who he names Timur.

1492:The Isfahan Pact absorbs the Timurid Loyalists.The Black Turkish Army becomes the Turk Army after the non-Turks split off and join the Tehran Pact.Christopher Columbus is requests to sail to India to Liguria.Liguria refuses and the Romans accept.

1496:The Turk Army becomes Aq Quyonlu's Army after it loses all its Kara Quyonlu Territory.The Tehran Pact retreats after losing Media to the Turkish Army (Aq Quyonlu).The Isfahan Pact wins and the Tehran Pact is dissolved.

1498:Aq Quyonlu's Turk Army sees the Timurid Loyalists join the Isfahan Pact.


1502:John IX ascends the Roman Throne.The Timurid Loyalists capture Mesopotamia.

1505:Azerbaijan becomes the last Aq Quyonlu possession as Armenia falls to the Isfahan Pact.Babur dies and his son ascends the throne as Timur II,the Reuniter.

1507:Azerbajan is captured and Aq Quyonlu is annexed to the Timurids.The Bahmanids are invaded by Timur.

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