Clarification: This is a translation of the alternative history ¡Gloria Israel!, originally written by me (AA1918) in the spanish wiki.

What would have happened if the kingdom of Israel, a tiny religious state, had become the superpower of this time?


The kingdom of Israel, governed by the House of David, not divided, beginning a period of military expansionism and economic growth that would lead him to be one of the most powerful kingdoms of its time. This history has two POD (due to religious characterization of the Old Kingdom of Israel):

  • POD Historical: Is the mentioned in the Timeline, and originally considered as the point of divergence that caused the change in the historical non-religious aspects. This POD is that Rehoboam, son of Solomon, makes structural reforms, maintaining unity within the kingdom he inherited from his father.
  • POD Religious: Practically will be mentioned in the Bible (I'll take the time to do an article about this); in this POD directly involved the Almighty God Yahweh, from a Jewish context. This POD is that Solomon doesn’t dirty his heart by his pagan wives, whereby the alliance that has Yahweh with Israel remains in force, until then moment.

After the demise of the Kingdom of Israel, was formed a short-lived Israel Union, a confederation composed of the former provinces of the ancient kingdom; however, this did not prosper and was divided into several kingdoms and city-states, which had a Jewish heritage within their cultures; the calendar and the Hebrew language were spread throughout the Mediterranean.


  • The Hebrew is a language widely used in the world, thus will influence the next languages of the modern world. Several languages such as Greek are influenced by Hebrew.
  • Judaism is one of the major world religions; however, is in second place, before Christianity.
  • The Jewish culture will have great influence in the Middle East and parts of Africa, Central Asia and Europe. The development of civilizations such as the Roman had been guarded for centuries by Israel; Roman culture will widespread in Western Europe.

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