Global War
Date:March 9, 1995 -
Result: Conflict ongoing
The Union of Empires:
Flag of the German Empire Germany
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austria-Hungary
Ottoman Empire
The Amerasian Alliance:
Flag of the United States United States

Background to the Global War

This war was one of the most shocking in the world, as it was the bloodiest war in history the world had ever watched. It was also the first war shown live on the internet, and would shake the foundations of world power.

This was was between Germany/Britain/Austria-Hungary/Ottoman Empire/Italy and the USA/Brazil/Colombia/China/Korea/Japan.

There was already tension between the Old World and the New since 1949, with tensions coming close to Nuclear War. In 1982, Stanislav Petrov, President of the United States, began the Space Shield program with assistance from their allies in Brazil and China. The Petrov administration would also oversee the largest American arms buildup in history. He would also increase budgets for Computer research for reasons that are classified. The Ah-64 Apache Longbow and M1A2 Tank, alongside next-generation fighter jets all came about because of Petrov's modernization programme. However, in spite of the massive military spending, the Petrov administration would bring about the largest surplus in American history.


The Brazilian Aircraft Carrier BNS Simon Bolivar was hit by a German bomber. President Clinton immediately went to Congress to ask for a Declaration of War against the Union of Empires, which was granted. Britain, in response, began bombardment of Miami and Corpus Christi.

Opening moves

Britain, with Canadian support, launches a full-scale invasion of the mainland United States on October 1995.

Battles across Asia

Empire forces head for China from various locations. German forces march through the Urals, with British and Ottoman armies marching through India, simultaneously pinning the USA and China.

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