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The Global News Network, commonly abbreviated GNN, or sometimes known as Global, is a private cable 24 hour news conglomerate established in Winnipeg, Assiniboia in 1993 by 17 other networks around the world. These networks eventually became "bureaus" for GNN, able to provide relevant and timely news that would affect certain parts of the world.


GNN was founded by Assiniboian media mogul Harold "Izzy" Asper in 1993 with the agreement of 17 national and regional cable news networks to provide relevant news to a larger portion of the world, as well as allowing the networks to pool resources to establish offices around the world.

In 2011, with the end of the European Liberation War, France once again allowed the GNN to operate freely in the Empire, whereas before it operated under heavy censorship to the point that the GNN was considering closing up in French occupied Europe.


So far, GNN has established offices in most major cities in the world.


International/North American Headquarters: Winnipeg, Assiniboia Alyseka

Note: no Mexican Bureaus have been operational since 2000 due to the Second Mexican Civil War

South American Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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