March 19, 1945: Pomerania and Silesia were reclaimed by German insurgents.

April 13, 1945: American forces attack Berlin and Eastern Germany while Soviet troops attack in Konigsburg. Hitler goes to Stockholm in exile.

April 21, 1945: Death of the Geobbels Family/US troops take the opportunity into sieging Italian insurgents who remain loyal to Mussolini.

June 1945: Germany surrenders after US invasion of Denmark. Stalin dies from stomach cancer and is called the "Hero of ALL of Russia". Hitler's remaining party members make a secret HQ in beneath the city of Stockholm, transforming into the Nazi Party Underground.

November 1945: Japan wins WWII but the Allies win after an accidental bombing on China from the atom bomb. The bomb crashed into Shanghai, having china blame the US.

December 1945: Japan and China form an alliance against Russian and Allied Forces.

January 1947: Mao Zedong is assassinated by Nationalist forces, creating tension between the Sino-Japanese Alliance and the USSR. Two days later, the USA is forced to give up Taiwan to Japan.

February 5th 1947-March 16th 1948: Sino-Russia border Conflict/ Japan builds nuclear weapons, along with China, Russia, India, Pakistan, the USA, Britain, and France.

July 17th-23rd 1948: Tojo is kidnapped and hanged by Pro-American socialists. Tensions between the US and Japan grow.

August 1948: The Warsaw Pact is born. The Cold War begins. Iran begins production of nuclear weapons.

January 1949: Russia invades North Korea and fails due to China's alliance to Japan. The Amur Region is annexed to China.

May 1950: Italy makes Nuclear Weapons to defend the Mediterranean Front of NATO Territory. Greece encounters a border war with Albania and Macedonia.

June 1950: Greece joins forces with Italy, making the Greeks a member of the NATO forces. German Federation is born on the 25th of June.

October 1950: Russia builds giant missile silos while Japan becomes to first to fire a satellite into orbit.

November 5th 1952: Greece wins the two year Greek-Macedonian Border War. Macedonia and Albania are annexed to Greece. Tensions between NATO, the USSR, and the Sino-Japanese Alliance continue to rise.

July 1954: Nuclear fire rain from the skies when Russia, China, Japan, Iran, and the USA began a war known as the "Atomic War". Due to the sheer destructiveness of the nuclear weapons used, the war lasts less than 24 hours. Out of a global population of 2.7 billion people, less than 200 million survive.

1954-early 1960s:Due to the danger posed by nuclear fallout, the survivors retreat into complex systems of bunkers. The few cities left standing fall silent as humanity settles inton a subterranean existence for the rest of the decade. Sprinklers and lightbulbs are used to help grow crops in greenhouses.


Januray 3rd-7th 1961: The remaining population of 120 million people pop out from the underground bunkers. Civilization is reborn. Most of the radiation had disappeared.

February 14th 1961: Communication is rebuilt and old religions such as buddhism, christianity, and others have returned into civilization.

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