Thanks to Stalin and Hitler, gliding is not in the Olympic Games. But had the Winter War and WWII Not broke out, gliding would have become a very popular sport, seen by billions of people today. Here is an alternative timeline.

1934: Hitler dies in a car accident.

1935: Stalin is assassinated.

1936: Olympics take place in a reformed Germany, with gliding as a demonstration sport.

1940: Gliding is a proper event in the Summer Olympics.

1950: Gliding gets its own federation.

1951: The Gliding Premier League is established along with the GA Cup.

1955: Gliding is so popular, the first Gliding World Cup takes place with Millions of viewers watching.

1960: Windrushers Gliding Club in Bicester is established.

1975: Windrushers wins 15 GA Cups.

1980: Gliding is massive at the Olympics, with 700 million viewers watching.

1982: Windrushers are now as big as Heathrow Airport.

1984: Gliders are as popular as automobiles as 300 million people own one.

1995: The 40th anniversary Gliding World Cup attracts billions of viewers.

2005: The Golden Gliding World Cup gets international attention. Held at Windrushers and is won by Greg Banner*.

2007: Damon Stonefield*, respected member of BGC, dies and is mourned by billions.

2012: Booker has the right to host the gliding at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

  • Names are changed to respect privacy.

If Gliding was an Olympic sport. The shabby gliding club that is Windrushers would be as big as Heathrow and billions of people would own a glider.

Revenue for gliding companies 1996:

Nimbus Gliders (formerly Schempp-Hirth): $40 billion.

Schneider: $70 billion.

Schleicher: $74 billion.

General Gliders: $62 billion.

JG Gliding: $30 billion.

As you can see, if the Olympics had gliding, the world would be very different...

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