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Glenrowan Inn

Introduction (Real History):

In 28 June 1880 at Glenrowan Ned Kelly in a failed attempt to derail a train to start a "Republic of North East Victoria" was shot and injured by police and captured. He was then tried and hanged.

Glenrowan Uprising

On the night of 28th of June 1880, Ned Kelly and his gang prepared for the rebellion by placing and detonating explosives on the rail line into town. They gathered there army of 200 men and there supplies at Glenrowan Inn. They them took Hostages and the police where notified.

The Victorian Governor George Bowen ordered that a special police force of 180 men to be gathered and sent by train to Glenrowan to capture Ned Kelly and his gang who have had been outlaws for 2 years. The police train on the way to Glenrowan derailed from the tracks and the police officers where then captured by Ned Kelly and his Army (123 Capture, the rest died in the train crash). With all of the police officers captured. The people at Glenrowan constructed fortifications and began mass production of the Kelly Gang's armour.

Rise of the Republic of North-East Victoria

With the first battle won, Ned Kelly wrote a letter of independence of North East Victoria with a copy of the constitution Ned Kelly had drawn up. The governor George Bowen examined the letter and sent it to the office of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria then gave orders to the Governor to stop the uprising, with the promise of troops.

By the newspapers, Ned Kelly learned that the Colony of Victoria and the British empire had declared war on the Republic of North-East Victoria. Discouraged by the news, Ned Kelly ordered his army to capture Wangaratta. When the troops assembled outside the town, the Mayor surrendered the town to Ned Kelly. In Wangaratta, a further 300 volunteers joined Ned Kelly's Army.

Ned Kelly continued to capture the entire North-East Victoria within a month, and was able to support the large army of 3000 soldiers. The Republic of North-East Victoria had just a month to train and prepare until the British Empire's reinforcments would arrive.

War of Independence

Ned Kelly then requested the assistance of the newly united, United States of America. The US declined support through troops, but instead sent 30 Gatling guns, and various rifles.

On the day of the 5th of September 1880 the British army (of 6000) gathered at Corowa and fortified the town. Ned Kelly's scouts reported their position and on that night Ned Kelly and 100 men stole into Corowa and killed 301 British soldiers and 12 Officers and escaped without losing a man, or firing a shot. Embarrassed by such a skillful attack, the British rushed an attack on the following day, but where ambushed at Howfong by 300 men in the bush with the Gatling guns a total of 400 British troops where killed.

Defeated the British then returned to England.

Republic of Victoria

Thus encouraged by the victories, the Republic of North-East Victoria then captured the colony of Victoria by 1882. and they formed a new government under the rule of Ned Kelly and created the Republic of Victoria. Under Ned Kelly's direction the mining business boomed with discovery of more Gold-Fields that Victoria became the richest Country in Australia.

Federation and Independence

In 1901 the colonies of Australia united including Victoria and formed the Republic of Australia. With promised military support from the US, Australia declared independence from Britain. King Edward VII then agreed and Australia became Independent. Ned Kelly was declared the president and ruled until 1910, when he died of old age (Age 55). Australia became the richest country due to its natural resources, in the Southern Hemisphere.

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