Count Gizdan Ravlic
Gizdan Ravlic.jpg
Count of Gualeguay
Reign 24 June 1869 - Incumbent
Predecessor Velimir Ravlic
Marshal of Patagonia
Reign 12 November 1877 - Incumbent
Predecessor Vincent Montessier
King Jean I
Spouse Konstanca Boban
Issue Vilona Ravlic

Fuasta Ravlic
Nada Ravlic
Velimir Ravlic
Joana Ravlic

House Ravlic
Father Lodovik Ravlic
Mother Melinda Praljak
Born 24 August 1838
Split, Austrian Empire
Gizdan Ravlic was a Croatian born general who gained fame as the Marshal of Patagonia during the reign of King Jean I.

Born in a merchant family in Spit, he grew into a large family along with his brothers and sisters. In 1863, Gizdan and his older brother Velimir joined the volunteers for the Chilean-Patagonian War sent by Austria to help. His brother was then made Count of Gualeguay, btu died childless in 1869, leaving all his titles to Gizdan.

Gizdan rose into the military under Marshal Vincent Montessier. The later became too sick to keep his office in late 1877, which lead the King to appoint Gizdan the new Marshal. Gizdan proved to be more moderate than his predecessor, which helped in his relation with the Mapuches, who never liked Montessier.

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