Giuseppe Bastianini
Timeline: 1861: Historical Failing

Giuseppe Bastianini
Portrait of Giuseppe Bastianini

Duce of the Umbrian State
1933 - 1945

Predecessor: himself (as President)
Successor: position abolished, communist government succeeds

7th President of Umbria
1932 - 1933

Predecessor: Mario Angeloni
Successor: position abolished
Born: 8 March 1899
Flag of Umbria Perugia, Umbria
Died: 17 December 1961
Flag of Milan Milan, Milan
Political Party: Umbrian National Front (Umbrian branch of the PFP)
Profession: Politician

Giuseppe Bastianini (8 March 1899-17 December 1961) was a politician and 7th President of Umbria, known for his traditionalist and isolationist policies and openly supporting Mussolini.

Elected in 1932 by the population, he was overthrown in 1945 by partisans from the UCP, future leading party of the nation. After the establishment of the Communist government, he was exiled to Milan; he lived there until the death in 1961.

Flag of Umbria (1936-1945) (1861 HF)

The national flag adopted during his regime.

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