Giorgos Stephanopoulos XXXVII
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Emperor K (PS1)
Portrait of Giorgos Stephanopoulos XXXVII

3,000th Emperor of the Second Empire of Greece

Predecessor Giorgos Stephanopoulos XXXVI
Successor Incumbent, but most likely his son, GiorgosStephanopoulos XXXVIII
Died N/A
Profession Politician, has a degree in journalism as well

Giorgos Stephanopoulos XXXVII is the 3,000th, and current Emperor of the Second Greek Empire.

A populist leader, Giorgos was and always will be a people's man. Called The Muckraker of Greece, one not seen in centuries, one of his greatest quotes was always "Get to the truth through facts". The Emperor is regularly not seen in his ceremonial robes and almost always wears a suit. Stephanopoulos was also an amateur journalist and has written pieces for the Athens Tribune on a variety of subjects, often dealing with corruption and other heinous acts within the Imperial government. Giorgos currently grooms his son, Giorgos XXXVIII, for the position of Emperor. Stephanopoulos has also held meetings with foreign greats, such as the President of the United States of Africa, the Supreme Consul of Rome, and King Bono of Ireland. He has also been good in the fields of business such as raising tariffs from nations around the Black Sea using the Bosporus and Dardanelles.