X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked online before it is released in 2009. The workprint was watched by millions of viewers (without being discovered by either FBI or MPAA). Many of them heavily criticize the film and blame the studio for this, and by the time of its release, it is too late to do anything.

That box-office bomb forced the 20th Century Fox to share the Marvel assests (including X-Men and Fantastic Four) to Marvel Studios for consideration. Marvel president Avi Arad later confirmed that the studio will make brand new X-Men movie that is still distributed by Fox, but with the style of Marvel Cinematic Universe. And for this, audience may see Captain America teaming up with Wolverine for some cases.

Also, the production of Marvel's The Avengers is delayed, giving time for Sony to incorporate Oscorp into the New York scene, along with Spider-Man property that is linked with Marvel, in exchange for Sony retains rignts for Ghost Rider along with darker heroes...

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