Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Ghana
Flag of Ghana
Flag of
Regions of Ghana
Map of Ghana
Capital Accra
Largest city Accra
Other cities Cape Coast
Akuapem Twi, Dagbani, Ewe
  others Asante Twi, Dagaare, Dangme, Ga, Gonja, Kasem, Mfantse, Nzema
Ethnic Groups
Akan, Dagbani/Mole, Ewe
  others Ga-Adengbe, Gurma, Guan/Gonja, Gurunsi, Bissa/Mande, Other
Demonym Ghanaian
Area 92,099 sq mi
Population 2,846,827 
Independence 1522

Ghana is a nation in Western Africa located in OTL Ghana. The nation currently borders the Oyo Empire to the north and east while their is unclamied territory in the west.


Ghana was not settled heavily until the 11th century BC.


Ghana is a semi-democratic monarchy with a chief as the head of state. Each tribe receives one seat in the state council, who is democratically elected by the people. Any new tribes, regardless of how they join, are given a seat as well. The chief comes from a bloodline, although the state council has some say over who takes the Golden Stool when the time comes
Ghanaian State Council
for that.

The tribes on the state council are:

  • Akan
  • Dagbani/Mole
  • Ewe
  • Ga-Adengbe
  • Gurma
  • Guan/Gonja
  • Gurunsi
  • Bissa/Mande


Ghana has two principle cities, Accra and Cape Coast. Accra has a population of 400,000 people, and Cape Coast is slightly smaller with a population of 186,000 people. Most of the population is spread out over the entire nation.


58% of the population is Akan in origin. They make up the largest ethnic group in Ghana. Surprisingly, the government allows the Ashanti to maintain their own semi-independent region, with the government controlling military and foreign relations, as well as ensuring all ethnic groups are treated fairly.

Administrative Districts

Ghana is divided into ten regions, with one being semi-autonomous. Each region has a capital city and is run by a governor. B


Ghana has a small army and navy. It has 2000 soldiers in the army, with eight cannons, 300 riflemen, 800 crossbow men, 200 spears men, 100 cavalry, and 600 swordsman. 100 men are in the navy, operating

Foreign Relations

Relations with West Africa






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