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Inspired by Mottershead's plan to destroy Himmler's Nazi State in Europe, you eagerly accept the plan, and you shake hands with him. He tells you to meet him at the airport in a week, and he will send you, and your chosen team, to Brussels, from where you will be able to sneak across into Germany.

You arrive at the airport, where Mottershead, along with another gentleman, are standing outside the aircraft. The both look up to see you and your team of ten, all carrying suitcases and jackets. As you shake hands with Mottershead, you realize that the man standing next to him is Winston Churchill. After you shake Churchill's hand, Mottershead announces that he is, in reality, Canadian businessman William Stephenson. Although taken aback, Churchill says it was to maintain security, as the mission is to be secretly funded by the British through MI6. Churchill, before departing with Mottershead/Stephenson, say to you: "Don't let us down. The fate of Europe rests in your hands."

You and your team, all World War One veterans, each an expert in sharpshooting, stealth, and explosives. You, however, would be too recognizable in Germany, as your face is plastered all over the German news after killing Hitler, so you are going to stay behind in Brussels and coordinate the mission.

You and the team arrive in Belgium, where a man, by the name of Harry, also on the pay of MI6, greats you, and takes you to a safehouse just a few miles from the German border. He hands your team tickets by train to Berlin, and drives them to the border, while you set up the wireless radio gear.

It is late at night, darker than usual due to the clouds covering up the Moon and, though one would initially dismiss it as paranoia, you can't shake the feeling someone is out there. You keep thinking you hear footsteps outside the shack, as well as some muffled words in German. You decide to go investigate, grabbing your rifle. With a deep breath, you open the door.

What happens next?

Nazi's are outside your door!

You must have been hearing things.

It's only Harry returning

User:Tbguy1992 17:55, September 13, 2010

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